Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tall bike (no, not that kind)

Once I'm rich (in other words: never) I'm going to get a bike like this beautiful custom Boulder Bicycles All-Road. The owner is almost as tall as me (198cm/6'5.5") and the frame size is 67cm. The wheels are 584mm (650B) and they don't look disproportionate to me.


  1. Hi, I have had good luck with a 68cm Nishiki Olympic frame. There are fine yet inexpensive 1980's Japanese steel frames still out there in our size. Here are a few pictures of mine :

    1. Yeah, a used classic bike road bike is definitely what I'll go for first. I have an alert set up for my local Craigslist -- but didn't know that I also needed to include "68cm" as a search term :-)

    2. We may have competing alerts setup on the Montreal Craigslist! :)

  2. No worries, I'll be moving soon and the alert is set up for my future home in Madison, WI :-)