Thursday, January 21, 2016

Madison Winter Biking Survey

Bike racks in front of the Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research

If you live in Madison (Wisc.) and bike in the winter (or would like to but are deterred by something), please take the time to fill out the annual winter biking survey. The survey is run by Grant, a local bike advocate and member of several winter-bike-related city commissions. Having better data on where the problems of winter biking lie—and what works well!—will help improving the conditions for getting around by bike at this time of year.

Link to the survey


  1. Nice initiative. Anytime anyone creates measures to make winter biking safer, it is a good development. I love winter biking by the way! I take extra precaution though because the last thing I want is to suffer an accident because of the conditions.

  2. I love that there is room to lock up outside WIMR in the winter. Now that the weather is getting nice, it's a bit harder to find a spot on those racks. I'm glad they put in a bunch of new racks between towers 1 and 2.

    I just happened upon your blog after searching for bottom bracket info. Winter has taken its toll and my bad weather bike is starting to click down there, so I think I will also end up getting myself another Shimano BB UN-55. The last one was installed during July 2015. I'm a little unimpressed that it has begun to fail after just half a year, but at least it's a fairly cheap part.

    1. Regarding WIMR: Yeah, that's where I park too. I was a little annoyed that they didn't clear the snow around the racks, but apparently that was due to miscommunication between different parts of the university/hospital and will hopefully be fixed next winter.

      Half a year is really bad for a bottom bracket. There is a new option out there from IRD. Reasonably priced and with replaceable bearings: IRD QP-95. I might give that one a try.