Friday, November 15, 2019

#coffeeneuring in Minneapolis: Minnehaha Falls and Angry Catfish

My previous coffeeneuring ride involved lutefisk; today's ride featured Angry Catfish. I'm in Minneapolis for a couple days and so I went on a coffeeneuring adventure on a NiceRide bike share bike. From the UM campus, I followed the Mississippi downstream. My first destination was Minnehaha Falls. Google predicted it would take me just under 30 minutes to bike there and my NiceRide day pass only gives me free 30-minute rides, and so I had to flip bike about halfway.

The NiceRide station near the falls is one of the southernmost stations in the system, and I took some time to walk around the falls and marvel at the beauty of falling water and ice.

For my coffee destination I had picked Angry Catfish, which is a combo of a bike and coffee shop. Getting there by bike share bike involved quite a bit of walking from and to the nearest bike share station. The coffee -- an espresso, the brand of which I forgot -- was excellent and served with sparkling water. The bike shop was very cool too. Lots of bikepacking accessories, Swift bags, Swrve clothing, and a bunch of neat bikes. I discovered that Big Agnes now has a bikepacking-specific version of their ultralight tents, with poles that are only 12" long. Way too expensive for me, but also tempting.

If you're in the area, go check out the shop. Definitely worth a visit. On the way back, I made a lunch stop at Hard Times, a vegetarian/vegan worker-owned café with great punk/crust music and tasty food.

Rider name: Harald
Ride #: 7
Date: 11/15
Total mileage: 14 mi (22 km) on the bike, plus a good bit of walking
Drink: Espresso
Location: Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop and Coffee Bar
Food: Vegan Helter Skelter at Hard Times: Hash browns with a bunch of grilled veggies and tofu

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