Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm back

After a long absence, due part to summer travel and part to no interwebs at home, I'm back with regular updates. Just some quick items:
  • I forgot to write down the end-of-the-month kilometrage for July! Sigh. So no accurate July and August summaries. The inaccurate one: not a lot of riding, as I was traveling for 3/4 of the month.
  • Gunnar has a new saddle. After not being able to make up my mind and being annoyed, sometimes by the high prices and idiotic design choices of Brooks, sometimes by the fact that I constantly had to switch and re-adjust saddles between Gunnar and Wolfgang, I finally ordered a Brooks Swift. It got here last week, is hard as a rock, very pretty and hopefully will see some riding this weekend (see below).
Holy smokes!

Odo Wolfgang 5152 km
Odo Gunnar 2429 km