Thursday, January 21, 2016

Madison Winter Biking Survey

Bike racks in front of the Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research

If you live in Madison (Wisc.) and bike in the winter (or would like to but are deterred by something), please take the time to fill out the annual winter biking survey. The survey is run by Grant, a local bike advocate and member of several winter-bike-related city commissions. Having better data on where the problems of winter biking lie—and what works well!—will help improving the conditions for getting around by bike at this time of year.

Link to the survey

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Biketinkers Union Founding Chapter

I think I might only qualify at the novice or apprentice level, but I do strive to become a full member of the Biketinkers Union as envisioned by Philip “Bike Tinker” Williamson. Now you can show your allegiance by preordering one of these great patches, made by Philip:

Five bucks a piece, one dollar shipping. Or get the bulk pack with 60 patches.