This is an overview page of all the bike tours I've ever done, with links to ride reports (if available).

2017 Bike California

A 7-day loop north of San Francisco, roughly following the Orr Springs 600k brevet route through Marin, Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties.

2014 S24O Blue Mound State Park

Sadly the only overnight bike touring we did in 2014. But it was great!

2013 Eastern Townships

Longest tour so far, together with the Biketopus

2012 Quebec City–Montreal

Another tour together with the Biketopus: Following the St. Lawrence from Quebec City to Montreal

2012 Montreal–Ottawa

Not really a tour, as I did it in go, but still relevant for others doing it at touring pace.

2012 Montreal–Toronto

Credit card touring in early spring.

2010 Ithaca–Greenwood County Park

A two day, self-supported ride with the Biketopus. Pictures/blog post to follow

2009 Finger Lakes Tour

My and the Biketopus's first attempt at self-supported touring. Three days, two nights, with camping in State Parks. Only five years later, I finally wrote a ride report.

199x Loire Valley

My first bike tour, an organized trip with my parents along the Loire River in France. I can't remember all that much about it and don't think I have pictures.

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