Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great Sigma Customer Service

In the previous post I mentioned that I lost my Sigma BC1606L bike computer. I had always been very satisfied with the computer and replacing it with another model would have been rather costly when adding the price of an extra mount and cadence sensor for my second bike. Getting a replacement, however, appeared to be difficult: The 06-series has been out of production for quite some time now and thus I sent the (German) Sigma customer service an e-mail, asking if they could tell me where to get a replacement. Within a few days, the US distributor Sigma sent me an e-mail and offered to send me a replacement -- free of charge! This was a very pleasant surprise. The computer wasn't terribly expensive in the first place, but this is nonetheless great customer service. If I ever do replace my computer it will most likely be another Sigma.

Don't break your wrist!

Dear reader,
may I offer some good advice? Don't break your wrist.

A month without any blog posts is not due to the fact that I've been riding all the time, or to the awful winter weather. No, three-and-a-half weeks ago I broke my left wrist while---not cycling, but snowshoeing. Somewhat ironically, on just that day I had ordered my own pair of snowshoes, as I no longer wanted to rely on Glenn Swan's generosity in lending me a pair of his. To add loss to injury, I also managed to lose my bike computer while awkwardly trying to bike back home with my broken wrist.

While I'm on the way to recovery, biking will still have to wait for at least two more weeks. I tried getting some exercise today on the trainer, but my wrist still can't support my weight, and riding one-handedly gets old pretty quick. In order to get at least some exercise (and to get to places!) I've done a lot of walking, both with and without snowshoes. Once my cast will be removed (March 1), I'll hopefully be back on the bike, if not for longer rides then at least for running errands and buying groceries.

Be safe,

Hobbes vs. Boyle