Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ride report: Trumansburg

Quick ride report: Temperature only slightly below 0° C made me jump on Wolfgang and do my standard round to Trumansburg and back. When I started it was very grey and snowing, making the ride to Trumansburg not terribly pretty;.

I love those quiet country roads...

I was, however, rewarded with a nice view of the icy falls in Taughannock State Park.

From Trumansburg ride

The reason for riding to Trumansburg (aside from it being a nice ride) is that it allows me to work for a couple of hours at the Gimme!Coffee there.

Wolfgang parked in downtonw T-Burg

On the way back, I made a quick stop at the lower Taughannock Park (the Gorge trail is open, btw) and at Allen Treman Park in Ithaca to shoot some pictures of the lake.

It was pretty windy

From Trumansburg ride

Not the right time of year for a BBQ

The Cayuga inlet is completely frozen

Ride stats: 48.6 km, 588 m elevation gain, average moving speed 21 km/h

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