Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Measuring the SP PD-8 hub

UPDATE January 2015: You can now find a technical drawing with measurements here.
CORRECTION: Please note that an earlier version of the post claimed that the center-to-flange distance is 32mm. I've corrected that to 22mm. Sorry for the confusion.

I'm getting read to build up new wheels with my recently acquired dynamo hubs. In my previous post, I had posted the manufacturer's stated dimensions, but I realized that they only provided the pitch circle diameter and the flange diameter--the latter being irrelevant for determining spoke length--but not the center-to-flange distance and also not the spoke hole diameter.

The best instructions for measuring a hub come from Roger Musson, author of a popular book on wheelbuilding. Fortunately, he has made this part of the book freely available. All you need to take the relevant measurements are calipers and a ruler. Musson suggests to drill a piece of wood, so that you when you insert the hub's axle the wood will be flush with the locknuts. If you're building a lot of wheels this probably makes sense. As an alternative, you can just measure from the end of the axle and then subtract the easily measurable distance between axle end and locknut. Then use the ruler to measure the distance between the wood/axle end and the inner side of the lower flange (what Musson denotes as x). Then turn around the hub and repeat the measurement on the other side, giving you the y value. With the SP disc hub that's a bit tricky, as the diameters of the two flanges are different. Musson's suggestion is to use a small piece of cardboard, mark it, and then measure on the cardboard. I was in a bit of hurry and thus just eyeballed it with the ruler after seeing that x and y would likely be the same for this hub. X and y are not the actual values needed for calculating spoke length, but they allow you to calculate the desired value by subtraction from half of the over-the-locknut dimension of the hub, z in Musson's system. On modern front hubs for regular bikes you don't really have to measure this, as it is a standardized dimension at 100mm. For the PD-8, x and y equal 28mm (32mm-4mm for the distance from axle end to locknut), yielding a center-to-flange dimension of 22mm on each side.

The flange diameters can directly be measured with calipers. Just make sure to measure from the centers of the spoke holes. The PD-8 comes out to 52mm and 58mm. The spoke hole diameter is a bit tricky to measure: The inside jaws of regular calipers tend to be too big for such small holes. I measured 2.7mm, but as most hubs use 2.5mm holes I'm assuming this is a measurement problem.

Now you can plug your values into the spoke length calculator of your choice and voilá! I recommend Karl Stoerzinger's Freespoke or the DT Swiss calculator.

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  1. Thanks, that's brilliant. Nice to know someone else got the same measurements using Roger Musson's book.