Friday, September 21, 2012

The Cyclists of the Lachine Canal

The Lachine Canal path is a busy bike route in Montreal, used both by commuters and recreational cyclists. It extends for about 13 km from the Old Port to the upper end on the Saint Lawrence in Lachine. Our apartment is just one block off the path and I really enjoy watching the variety of cyclists riding by. Recently I hung out near the Saint Gabriel locks and took some snapshots. Enjoy!

I never feel too comfortable taking pictures of random people without their permission, but I hope none of those depicted here will be offended. Please let me know if you want to have your picture removed.


  1. It's pretty amazing how few people understand that putting their seat to the right height would make riding much easier. At least you didn't seem to find too many knees-in-chest riders.

    I also noticed the two pannier users had it on the drive side. I'm not really sure why this matters to me, but it always seemed wrong to put a lone pannier on the drive side.

    1. Pannier on non-drive side is a thing? Fascinating. Never occurred to me. Personally, I'm randomly switching sides every once in a while in order to achieve even wear on panniers and rack.

    2. Not a big thing for sure, but it always seemed to me that with the moving parts on the right side, I'd put the pannier on the left in case something fell out. Maybe it's because I had a cord get wrapped about a cassette once.

    3. Well, FWIW, two months ago I got one my pannier's straps tangled up around the hub -- on the non-drive side. Quite possible that it would have had more catastrophic consequences on the drive side.

    4. When I use a lone pannier I always put it on non-drive. That's mostly because I want to keep any extra/weight stress off the drive side of the wheel. (Yes, I have broken numerous spokes in the past.)