Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lower Laurentians Fall Foliage Ride

As a quick intermission from the series of posts about our Eastern Township trip, I present you a short ride report with lots of pictures from one of the best rides I've done in a long time.

As part of the car free week in Montreal, the local transit agencies were giving out free tickets, good for two trips on any of the networks. I almost always start my rides from home, but with the free tickets I decided to take the commuter train to Deux-Montagnes and head out into the Lower Laurentian mountains to get in some hills and the beautiful fall foliage.

The 8am train had only one other cyclist on it.

Near the river there was dense fog and only now would I get out of it.

Abandoned railway turned into a trail, primarily for the many horseback riders in the area.

The bridge across the Rivière-du-Nord marks the beginning of proper mountains.

The picture can't convey the wall-like impression of this first hill.

Fall foliage is almost at peak

Bridge construction on my planned route. As a result I had to take a detour on gravel roads.

One of the many lakes on the route. Unfortunately they're all on private land, which makes it difficult to get good pictures.

On the gravel detour. Not exactly ideal with my 25mm tires.

On the other hand, there was almost no traffic on the these roads and the scenery was gorgeous.

Gore Township...

Gore-y halloween decorations

Nice spot to build a house.

Still on the detour, but now back on pavement

Because of the dense forest there were relatively few open vistas.

Short break in Mille-Isles

Getting close to Saint-Sauveur, the turnaround point

A few km of meh riding on the shoulder of busy highway 364, but at least I got a good view of the mountains around Saint-Sauveur

Depanneur in Saint-Sauveur. Time for a coffee, V8, Gatorade, and sandwich

Saint-Sauveur ski arena

One pretty lake followed the other

Back in the flatlands, with the Oka mountains in the background.

There was complete traffic chaos in the little villages in the Oka mountains. It's high apple picking seasons and there was a traffic jam for several kilometers. I sneaked past in the grass, on the sidewalk, or somehow between cars. No fun.

Back at the train station where they have opened a secure bike parking facility this year.

Access control with your transit pass

78 spaces on two parking levels

A little tired, but extremely happy with my ride.

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