Monday, January 6, 2014

2012 Montreal–Toronto Express

I just realized that I never blogged about my Montreal–Toronto tour in spring 2012. Probably a little late now to recall all the details, but I did want to share some pictures from the ride. This was the toughest tour I've ever done. Being by myself, I pushed hard and suffered from strong headwinds for most of the ride. On the upside, this was a great way of preparing myself for the 2012 season!

Day 1: Montreal to Cornwall

Old locks on the Soulanges Canal

Power station which used to power the canal's locks

I tried using my Carradice saddle bag as a handlebar bag—didn't work that well

Final stretch of the bike path

Goodbye Route Verte, goodbye Quebec...

...welcome Waterfront Trail, welcome Ontario!

These useful map displays were a regular occurrence along the route

The first kilometers of the Waterfront Trail were on the rumble-stripped shoulder of Highway 2

Stretches where you could see the St. Lawrence alternated with those further inland

Big boat (apparently freright ships on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence are called boats, not ships)

130 kilometers done, still a few more to go to the first overnight stop

Bunch of benches in Cornwall

Bridge to the US

Canadian border crossing at the end of the bridge ramp

 Day 2: Cornwall to Gananoque

Early morning start into the fog

I didn't get to see the Moses-Saunders Power Dam, but it was obvious that it was nearby

Back on the shores of the St. Lawrence

I had the beautiful Long Sault Parkway all to myself

Blurry deer

Too early in the year to actually see turtles

Memorial to the Battle of Crysler's Farm in the War of 1812

Upper Canada Village

Ogdensburg–Prescott International Bridge

The enormous Prescott grain elevator

No shoulder and rather heavy traffic

Vessel going downriver

On the rather disappointing Thousand Islands Parkway—the bike path is in horrible condition and on the wrong side of the highway

Yep, I'd move in there

Island living of the not so spacious kind

Two days of headwind have taken their toll

Bonky me.

 Day 3: Gananoque to Trenton

Large solar farm under construction

Glenora Ferry to Prince Edward County

Rouch waters and a big factory

 Day 4: Trenton to Whitby

Should've taken that sign as a warning... the road was in truly horrible condition. Pictures can't do it justice.

But the scenery along the Trent-Severn Waterway was nice!

Rocky beach on Lake Ontario

This day had the best riding—quiet country road, just how I like them

Also the only day with any hills

Crossing the Windsor–Quebec City rail corridor

Riding through an eerily empty subdivision

A little bit of gravel

Approaching the Darlington nuclear power plant

Unfortunately, the entrance to the trail was open, but not the exit

Having a giant cement plant right next to the nuclear power station makes sense, I guess

Second section of the Darlington Nuclear trail

Despite the cold temperatures, bugs were out in force and hitched a ride

First glimpse of Downtown Toronto

 Day 4: Whitby to Toronto

Definitely more spring-like in Toronto than in Montreal 
Very nice section of the Waterfront Trail

Yeah, sure, let's place a single wind turbine right next to the Pickering nuclear power plant

Probably not "North America's Largest Wind Turbine" anymore

Beach with a view

Gotta love the scare quotes...

Oh yeah, spring!

Not so nice stretch of the trail

Scarborough Bluffs. I ended up down there by accident.

Beautiful beach in the city

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