Friday, May 23, 2014

Ride report: Hilly and windy Mount Horeb

Rolling-rolling-rolling hills
Just a quick ride report from my second long ride in my new home state Wisconsin. On recommendation from a local I headed out for a 100km ride to Mount Horeb and back. After following the Southwest Commuter and Military Ridge State trails out of Madison to Verona, the remainder of the ride was on mostly empty country roads. As I had requested, the route featured a lot of rolling hills. None of them was terribly long or steep, but due to the fact that I had gotten talked into doing weight training for the first time ever on the previous day, the climbing got to me after a while. One the way out the strong winds helped quite a bit, but after the mid-ride stop in Mount Horeb, I had to fight both hills and headwind. So far I'm really excited about the riding in the Madison area and am looking forward to further exploration once I will have finally moved there.
And not a car to be seen!

Mid-ride stop in Mount Horeb. Bought myself some jeans from the Duluth Trading Company store.

Short reprieve from the hills but not the wind


  1. Harald:

    I got here through your comment on *my* blog. I'm tickled to see you're in WI. I lived in the Diftless Zone (La Crosse-Onalaska) for nine years before moving out East, and I miss the riding there a lot. By the way, apropos of the name of your blog, I have a shirt that has printed on the back in large friendly letters "WILL RIDE FOR PIE." It's from the (sadly, now closed) Gina's Pies'R'Square restaurant just off the Sparta trail in Wilton. Still a nice ride, though!

    1. Hey Andy, good to see you on my blog. I'm not quite in Wisconsin yet -- still waiting for my green card. But yeah, I'm excited about moving and will possibly tap you for local knowledge once I'm there. And I totally want a t-shirt like that :-)