Tuesday, October 24, 2017

#coffeneuring 2017: Stone Creek Coffee

My 2017 coffeeneuring season started slow: Instead of doing a 200-kilometer brevet, I let the weather forecast change my plans. Heavy rain was forecast all day, and so I snuck out early to ride to Stone Creek Coffee on Madison's east side. I had been to their Milwaukee location before, which is very pretentious but does serve great coffee. The pourover coffee I had here in Madison in contrast was mediocre. I suspect they may not have given it enough time to brew.
24 kilometers total distance, and lots of rain indeed.

It was football game day.

Marching band practice, as per usual with lots of bikes

Lakefront path

Stone Creek Coffee on East Washington Ave

My not-so-great pourover

Bathroom wall decoration

Made a detour to Batch Bakehouse to get a bingo stamp and tasty baked goods

Grey, grey, grey

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