Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ideas for 2010

New Year's resolutions are silly, ideas for the new year aren't. So here they are:
  • a 200k
  • a metric century a month
  • 2-day tour Ithaca-Lake Ontario-Ithaca (could also be done as a 200k)

  • 7 or more day bike tour, location to be determined (Pacific coast? around Lake Ontario? Italian Alps?)
  • higher annual kilometrage than last year (i.e. >3500 km)
  • make into the second round at the 2010 Cascadilla Hill Climb (no, I'm not competitive at all!!)
  • go on Sunday Rides with the FLCC
  • find a way to prevent my numbness problems
Odo Wolfgang: 2932 km
Odo Gunnar: 10 m on the trainer (more details will follow shortly)

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