Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shake it, baby!

Short ride report for a short ride.

I had to go up to campus to get a couple of books and I didn't feel like taking the direct route. So I went up South Hill and hit the trailhead for the South Hill Recreation Way. I was worried that it might be all ice, but actually it was a very rough, frozen snow surface. Traction was okay (I couldn't go much faster than 10 km/h anyway) but it was as bumpy as a washboard. I had never taken the trail before and it was completely dark, and thus I missed an intersection and was led back to Coddington Road instead of taking the trail all the way up to Burns Road.

Notable events: I used my Toasti Toes foot warmers in my normal cycling shoes for the first time. Result: Numb feet after the uphill part, but got back to normal much faster than usual. And on the short descent into Ithaca they kept my feet surprisingly warm.

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