Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Awesome deal on Pacenti SL23 650B rims!

Perfect timing: Kirk Pacenti is having a sale on his great SL23 rims. I had been on the lookout for rims to build up a 650B wheelset for quite some time, and so I jumped on this one without hesitation! I'm linking to the silver version with 32 holes that I bought myself, but they're also available in black and with 28 holes.
Edit 4:15pm: Looks like the shipping has been increased. But still a great deal!

Usual disclaimer: If you buy them through this link, I'll get a small referral from Amazon. And now go buy these great rims!


  1. For some reason I bought these. Now I just need to find a MAP S&P to fit them.

    1. I see you're aiming high... :-)
      I'm only looking to convert my Gunnar Roadie to low-trail 650B for now to see if I like it. Now that I have the rims, there's actually hope that I'll make that happen by spring.

    2. I haven't used my Soma Double Cross in a year, but it's canti, so it's not going to get 650b. I could sell it and get a Grand Randonneur, but reviews from people I've ridden with have been meh. I could also pay 3-6x more and get a recommendable frame, but it's hard to make that kind of commitment when I don't know if I'll be doing rando rides long term. At least this spring I've got a good lineup of brevets with two 200s, a 300, and a fleche and/or 400 all before April is done!

    3. Yeah, makes sense. I guess you could have the canti studs moved.