Saturday, December 27, 2014

Overhauling the Blog Roll

Blog rolls or link lists on blogs often don't age well, and this blog is no exception. So here are my current regular reads:

  • MadisonBikeThings: A Tumblr for all things bike in Madison, my home town. Full disclosure: MadisonBikeThings is a 100% subsidiary of the Ride or Pie?! Global Publishing Co.
  • iBOB Google Group: The Bicycle Owners Bunch is a great resource for all things practical cycling
  • BikeSnob NYC: The Bike Snob never ceases to amuse me, even after however many years I've been reading his blog
  • The Wisconsin Bike Fed's blog has a great mix of posts on all things Wisconsin cycling, and their main author, Dave Schlabowske, is an excellent photographer and writer.
  • A View from the Cycle Path: David Hembrow is an excellent source for teaching the anglophone world how create a great cycling environment. The complementary blog to this is 
  • Bicycle Dutch: More video content than  Hembrow and a less negative undertone.
  • Revolution Cycles: Great local bike shop in Madison
  • Off the Beaten Path: Jan Heine, editor of Bicycle Quarterly, the only bike magazine worth reading, has a great blog, featuring epic (yes, that's the appropriate term here) ride reports and interesting tech stuff
  • Bike Tinker: Philip is a fellow iBOB, and his blog is a great resource for all kinds of bike-related projects, often appropriate for DIY imitation
  • Urban Adonia: An anthropologist-activist-academic writing about advocacy, equity, and race in bike culture and infrastructure
  • Cycling Spokane: Kinda like my own blog, but from the West
  • Andy's Cycling Blog: RL friend and randonneur
  • Soma Fab blog: SOMA makes lots of cool bike stuff, as does
  • Velo Orange
  • BikePortland: I don't live in Portland, but one doesn't have to to appreciate the best local bike journalism there is.
Recommendations for blogs to read are always welcome!


  1. Woohoo I made the cut! Guess I should probably write some things there. I've got a 200k brevet this weekend at least.

    1. Looking forward to the report! I'll probably do some organized brevets this year too. The Great Lake Randos have their starting point not too far from Madison.